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SAPS 3 - Main Reports: Springer Open Choice Articles

The manuscripts of the main report - Part 1 and Part 2 - are published on and can be downloaded from the website of Intensive Care Medicine. The two manuscripts have, moreover, been chosen to be Springer Open Choice articles. They are thus available free of charge to the whole intensive care community worldwide.  To access them, please go to:

SAPS 3 - From Evaluation of the Patient to Evaluation of the Intensive Care Unit. Part 1: Objectives, Methods and Cohort Description.

SAPS 3 - From Evaluation of the Patient to Evaluation of the Intensive Care Unit. Part 2: Development of a Prognostic Model for Hospital Mortality at ICU Admission.

SAPS 3 - Electronic Supplementary Material.

SAPS 3  - Substudies - Published

In this section you can find a direct link to each of the substudies which have already been published. Please be aware that these articles might generally not be Springer Open Chpoice Articles. For this reason access to the full text article will only be possible with a valid subscription to the respective journal.

Predictors of early recovery of health status after intensive care.

Variability in outcome and resource use in intensive care units.

Sepsis Mortality Prediction based on Predisposition, Injury and Response.

End-of-Life practices in 282 intensive care units: data from the saps 3 database.

Epidemiology of Mechanical Ventilation: Analysis of the SAPS 3 Database.

Acute Kidney Injury classified by AKIN versus RIFLE in critically ill patients using the SAPS 3 database.

SAPS 3  - Substudies - Operational Procedures and Principles

The following file contains the operational procedures and principles for the conduction of substudies, as well as the list of accepted substudies. If you wish to participate in a specific project you are asked to contact the appropriate study coordinator.  

  SAPS 3 Substudies