The SAPS 3 Outcomes Research Group (SORG) provides the following software packages for download. We have tried to use standard software packages to ensure that as many users as possible can use the provided software. Please note, however, that the applications which are necessary to run these programmes (Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access) cannot be provided from the SORG.

1. SAPS 3 Integrated Score Database

The SAPS 3 Database is a Microsoft Access based database which provides the following features:

The programme is easy to use, a help text is acessible from the main form.

Attention: The SAPS 3 Score Database is provided as-it-is and will not be updated in the future. It is the intention of the SORG that SAPS 3 should be implemented within / integrated into existing Patient Data Management Systems or other local informatic solutions for intensive care units. It is neither the intention nor within the possibilities of the SORG to provide and support an additional software package. Emails requesting support or enhancement of this programme can unfortunately not be answered. programme can unfortunately not be answered. 

 SAPS 3 Multiple Score Database (MS Access)

2. SAPS 3 Score Calculation Sheets

This are small Microsoft Excel™ sheets, which provide you with the calculation of the SAPS 3 Admission Score, the SAPS 3 PIRO Score and the SAPS 3 28-Days Score. Please note, that you should save the file to your hard disk under a different name in order to disable the write protection feature. Be aware that this Excel sheet is not able to store patient data, it just calculates the score (if you want to store the data you have to save one Excel sheet per patient, or to use the Access database provided on this page). For being able to use these sheets you must have MS Excel 2003 or higher.

SAPS 3 Admission Score Sheet (MS Excel)

SAPS 3 Admission Score Sheet (Score Algorithm) NEW!

SAPS 3 PIRO Score Sheet (MS Excel)

SAPS 3 28-Days Score Sheet (MS Excel)

Technical questions should be sent to office@saps3.org