User Agreement

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User Agreement for the Use of the SAPS 3 Applications

Concluded between the SAPS 3 OUTCOMES RESEARCH GROUP (in the following named SORG) and any user of the SAPS 3 Database programme (in the following named USER):

  1. The SORG allows the USER to use the SAPS 3 applications free of charge. Transfer or multiplication of the software is allowed, if not otherwise prohibited by local regulations.
  2. The USER can use the SAPS 3 application as it is. Use of this software does not include any rights for updates or any further adaptation of this software.
  3. The use of the SAPS 3 application is allowed for the documentation and storage of data of critically ill patients in intensive care unit settings and the calculation of the SAPS 3 score(s).
  4. It is not allowed to use the SAPS 3 application or any data, information or calculation originating from it, for other purpose. This is especially valid for decision making in context of diagnosis or medical treatments. Use of this software is only allowed for the above mentioned purposes, including scientific analyses of the data. Any other use of this software is strictly forbidden.
  5. The use of this software does not replace in any way a legal patient documentation as requested by local authorities. The SORG cannot be made responsible for any damage or harm, originating from a non-authorized use of this software.
  6. The USER accepts that the SAPS 3 applications remain property of the SORG. All rights on the software and documentation, on algorithms and any other knowledge remain property of the owner.
  7. The rights which are granted to the USER with this license cannot be transferred to any other person or legal entity. Transfer, letting or selling of this software, the algorithms it contains or any other part of it, is strictly forbidden.
  8. The USER explicitly accepts that the SORG shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or harms resulting from the use of this software.
  9. The SAPS 3 applications have been developed and tested with the greatest attention. The USER accepts that this software is intended to help the USER to document the SAPS 3 variables and that the SORG does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any calculations provided with this software.
  10. The USER accepts that any use of the SAPS 3 application is thus on the reponsability of the USER. The SORG cannot be hold liable for any malfunction of the database or any other software necessary for the operation of this software.
  11. The USER assumes responsability of any issue related to data security, data storage and data backup

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